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22 April 2018 @ 10:00 pm
It was a super day at the beach yesterday for Doc's first beach adventure.  We all had a wonderful time at Rockaway Beach.


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21 April 2018 @ 07:34 pm
Just a couple of phone photos to mark the event, since we are all tired from our beach adventure on Earth Day Eve.  (I thought today was Earth Day, but it is actual tomorrow, on Sunday.)  This was our first beach adventure since New Year's Eve, but now the Gordon Girls are at full strength.  It's been quite a while since I had three dogs on a run,  In fact, it was when we were moving from Oregon to California in 2013.  I have waited a long time for this day.

Doc had a good time and met many people and kids and dogs (Irish Wolfhound, Standard Schnauzer, Cattle Dog).  We saw Irish Setters at the beach, too, although their owners kept them at a distance.  Setters of any type at the beach are rare!  For the most part we stayed away from the surf, although Doc did fall in once when following Friday.  She got a second short walk on her own a bit later and just wanted to eat what looked like translucent clam skins.  I have to look those up.


Behold the power of pork chops!  At least for the older dogs.  Doc just comes to me to get her treats.

Many more pictures to follow, of course.  Plus, Rockaway Beach and the Garibaldi docks.
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15 April 2018 @ 05:00 pm
Doc and I went out and about for socialization on both Saturday and Sunday.  She's fourteen weeks old now (17" tall).  This photo was taken on the Pacific University Campus yesterday.

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15 April 2018 @ 12:00 pm
I got through Stats 102 this week and my taxes are filed, so now I can play catch-up with Gordon Girl play.  Or, in the case of the first photo, Gordon Girl napping starring Doc and Zelda.

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14 April 2018 @ 10:00 am

She can hear a camera click from very far away.

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It's been a long week with many late nights.  I spent quite a bit of time getting Stats 102 ready to teach this week, and I'm really behind on "important" blog matters.  I think I will go in reverse chronological order of a few photos from my work phone.

After I got home from work this afternoon, I called AAA to jump start the van.  Last Sunday, I went out to take Doc to the Puppy Romp and the vehicle was as dead as a proverbial doorknob.  Then I realized that I hadn't driven it since the New Year's Eve trip to the coast.  Three months sitting in the garage was too much for it.  The battery was so low that the trickle charger couldn't help at all.  After it got started, I went for a drive to charge up the battery.  It was a grey and misty day in my part of Oregon and I followed the Wine Route west for awhile and then turned toward home.  But I did see this near Kansas City:

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08 April 2018 @ 08:45 pm
Today was Zelda's 11th birthday.  I got the hats made yesterday and took the photo today.  Doc did quite well considering she's only 13 weeks old and this was her very first hat (with a fake feathered bird on top).  The older girls just maintained their positions every time there was an missing puppy between them.

I am very tired tonight for some reason.  So good-night.
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04 April 2018 @ 08:45 pm
This is the newly improved view out my front door (and across the gravel road). Even on a cloudy day, it is beautiful!

Last summer, my neighbors at the nursery removed all of the plants from a couple of acres right across the road from me. They also removed the sprinkler pipes that were used to water the plants. I was a bit worried since my mother always warned that if you didn't own the view, it could be changed on you. I worried that they might put up greenhouses or buildings that would block my view of the mountains. Eventually, they started trenching and buried new pipes and put up new risers. They put down more gravel, too. But the area stayed empty all winter.

A few weeks ago, they started prepping the area again. And over the past few days they set out new plants in swaths of bright colors. I think I should call them and thank them for beautifying my view.  It will be even prettier on a sunny day but this really caught my eye today.

In other news, Zelda is not the biggest fan of Doc. In fact, Z is sort of antisocial and sometimes tells the puppy off without provocation. Doc is wary of the senior Gordon Girl.  Zelda was so good with Friday -- either (1) Friday was such an imp that she ruined Zelda for future puppies or (2) Z is much less tolerant because she is six years older now.  Either way, scenes like this make me happy. And it was Zelda who joined Doc on the bed (and there was another bed open that she could have used).

Oh, Doc is over 20 pounds now. 
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03 April 2018 @ 08:00 pm
Friday thinks a puppy is the perfect birthday present.

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Coming this weekend: Birthday hats!
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01 April 2018 @ 02:15 pm
I've signed up to be a volunteer at Fernhill Wetlands.  The wetlands have been created as the final processing steps from the waste treatment plant and to create a wildlife habitat at the same time.  (The wetlands were asphalt when they started so all of this is quite cool!)  We started in a meeting room for some of the information and lunch, and then went out to the Wetlands to see the path from waste water through the Water Garden and the wetlands before it flows back into the Tualatin River.  And happily, the weather was beautiful!

I always obey the "Do Not Drink the Water" signs when in a sewage treatment plant!

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I didn't want to sign up for a specific time and date to do my volunteering, so I get to go whenever I want to and just report that I was there.  This way I can be another set of eyes for the Wetlands, greet visitors, be chatty, etc.  And I can take photos.  And be outdoors.  I can also report my volunteer hours to my company and get "money" I can donate further.  Pretty cool, all the way around.

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30 March 2018 @ 08:30 pm
Doc and I went to the vet today for her second set of puppy shots.  In three weeks, she gained 6.8 pounds!   The office staff said that it was all in her legs -- she is now 16" tall (and 19.2 pounds).  She's blown through half of the AKC agility jump heights and she is only 12 weeks old.  She did a good job with sits and nose touches and shakes at the vet's office.  The downs were a bit harder -- I blame the slick floors.  She was great at the office until a Pom mix in a stroller swore at her and scared her.

After we left the vet, we went for a walk around a bit of downtown Forest Grove (away from the main road) and through the Pacific University campus.  She was a bit bewildered when people walked by her without stopping to say hello.  How dare they!   But look at this nice sit-stay for a photo in front of the school mascot (with my foot on the leash, of course).  Here is my attempt at a selfie to illustrate that the mascot is "boxer."  Pacific University is Boxer Nation!

How DO people take selfies?  I do not have this skill.  My arms never seem long enough.

Boxer is Pacific University’s legendary mascot. The mysterious dragon-like creature has represented Pacific's spirit, pride and honor for over a century — ever since a bronze Chinese statue was gifted to the university in 1896 by alumnus Rev. J.E. Walker, a missionary to China, and his mother.   At first glance, Boxer may look like a dog, perhaps with the scales of a dragon and the hooves of a goat. Boxer is most likely a qilin (pronounced chee-lin or ki-rin), a mythical Chinese creature with a lion-like stance, a unicorn-like horn, and deer or ox hooves from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Qilin are good omens, said to bring wisdom and prosperity to whomever they watch over. Through the years, Boxer has stood as a beloved symbol of the Pacific community and an embodiment of cultural diversity.  (Pacific University is the first chartered university west of the Mississippi, founded in 1849.  Oregon didn't become a state until 1859.)

She was much more comfortable than on our last stroll, although she was a bit concerned when a man pushed a shopping cart on the brick sidewalk past her.  But she got back to walking immediately afterwards and it was a good day for both.
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29 March 2018 @ 08:45 pm
I'm up to Sunday in Connecticut.  It was quite cloudy and chilly but we took the puppies outside in the morning since it wasn't raining (or snowing).  There were only five puppies:  black boy, green boy and lime green girl all left for their new homes on Saturday.

My girl was suspicious of the hose for a bit, but got over it quickly.  Her legs have definitely sprouted since then.

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Doc is the levitating puppy in the background.
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28 March 2018 @ 08:00 pm
She's not even twelve weeks old (tomorrow) but my Doctor is already a media superstar.   First, there's the back cover of April's Gordon Setter News!

It always pays to be nice to people, such as the editor.

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Doc will sign autographs when she learns how to write.
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27 March 2018 @ 08:15 pm
These are the remainder of the Saturday pictures from CT -- back when Doc could pick on somebody her own size (instead of removing tuffs from Friday).

I've let her collar out twice since that day.

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25 March 2018 @ 09:45 pm
My puppy is now 11 weeks old and she weighs about 18 pounds.  I have had a hard time getting the lighting even halfway decent for her photos in front of the trunk.  I took weeks 9 and 11 and will try again for week 12 with other lights.  I continue to take many photos because she won't be small for long and she won't look like this ever again.  She changes every day.

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The end
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