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13 October 2018 @ 08:00 pm
I had a weird dream last night.  It was an agility dream, although we haven't competed in over a year.  I was at a trial in a small city, with rings at various locations in different parks.  I kept not knowing where to go and missing walk-throughs (and runs).  Somewhere in the dream I was trimming a small mat from Zelda's ear and I ended up cutting off her whole ear.  No blood or pain, just a Gordon with only one ear.  The last walk-through had no numbers and would just go to a point in a wall along the edge of the field and then go off in another direction.  There was no equipment, either.  When I woke up, I knew it was just a dream, but I was still glad to give Zelda (and her two long ears) a hug!

Many years ago I remember a dream where I was trying to design an agility course through a furniture store (using the furniture as obstacles) but not enough of the table lights worked so that we could see.

I've noticed that I'm remembering more dreams lately.  In the past I'd generally would not remember any dreams.  I think the increaed remembering started about a month ago which was when I started wearing a mouthguard since I grind my teeth at night.  I've been grinding my teeth for years and years and years, but one of my front teeth was showing wear so I bought some disposable ones on Amazon.  Of course, I Googled "night mouth guard dreams" and located this FAQ for "Why do I dream more when sleeping with a mouth guard?"

"Dreaming occurs in the stage of sleep known as REM sleep is also referred to as paradoxical sleep because while the brain and other body systems become more active, muscles become more relaxed. The majority of your dreaming occurs in this stage. Dreaming occurs due because of increased brain activity, but voluntary muscles become paralyzed. This stage is the most restorative part of sleep. Your mind is being revitalized and emotions is being fine tuned. Since a night guard reduces the muscle activity of the jaws and face, this allows you to more easily enter the REM stage of sleep consequently dreams increase. Generally the more you sleep the more you dream. So the Night Guard / Mouthguard relaxes you so that you can sleep better and longer." Another answer at another site said it was because I wasn't sleeping as well or as deeply. Whatever.  I am just amazed when I ask Google weird questions and find answers from actual dentists.

My expanded work group is coming over tomorrow afternoon for a party.  It will be the most people (6 + 2 dogs) that I've had at any of my houses for at least 15 years (movers/packers excepted).  Today was gorgeous and I got lots of mowing/weed wacking/vole hole filling done.  The veranda and yard look good.  Tomorrow should be equally nice!

And of course, photos are needed.  Here are some recent photos from around the yard.

Zelda and Doc (I was checking out the fine job neighbor Kent did hanging the gates between the shop and the agility field.  The back area is now secure.)

Woolly Bear Caterpillar.  They are especially cool since they are black and tan, just like the girls.  This one has three or four brown segments, which the Old Farmer's Almanac means a milder winter, but I don't what the baseline winter should be.

Praying Mantis - always cool to see.  Evidently, fall is mating season although this one was solo.  But if it was a female, perhaps she already ate a suitor or two.
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12 October 2018 @ 09:45 pm
Tonight is the last installment of our Thursday at the beach a couple of weeks ago.  My next stop was the Wheeler Wildlife Viewing Area on the Nehalem River.  It was supposed to be fairly good for birds, but it was getting late in the afternoon (therefore glary looking across the river) and all I could find was a handful of gulls.  Oh well, it was a cute little "town."

Just a few more.Collapse )

This was a scenic overlook that needed to have its trees trimmed.  But I could still spot a couple of the Washington mountains if I stood up in the van.

It had been a lovely day with the dogs and the birds at the beach.
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11 October 2018 @ 08:00 pm
This day (two weeks ago now) was so beautiful that I decided that the girls deserved a second run on the beach.  We stopped south of Rockaway Beach, near multisylldogs' house.  (I haven't seen her for at least a year and she no longer posts here, but she lives right across from an easy beach access.)   Since it was our second beach run of the day, I left the good camera in the store and just took my phone.  So just a few photos.

The girls were tired from our morning hike (I walked 2.75 miles so who knows how far the dogs ran).  They stayed close which was nice since there were more people around this beach on a sunny late afternoon.

Beach joy.Collapse )

Next time: the rest of the trip to home
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10 October 2018 @ 08:45 pm
The next stop up the coast was at Barview Jetty County Park.  Barview Jetty is the Tillamook Bay north jetty.  There were just gulls hanging out there and an unattended string of kites that added a festive air.  Plus, I like colorful.

Gulls and Kites (actually kites, not avian Kites)Collapse )

f/20, 230mm

Next time: A bonus beach romp with the Gordon Girls
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09 October 2018 @ 09:45 pm
Cape Meares Lake (also known as Bayocean Lake) is a small shallow body of fresh water located between the beach and the dike at the south end of the Bayocean Peninsula. The lake will gradually shrink in size and disappear as sand dunes encroach from the west and sediments accumulate from the drainage basin. There are extensive vernal pools and marshes which grade into the rich aquatic vegetation of the lake. Waterfowl and marsh birds use the wetland habitat for breeding and feeding.

On this day, it was the gathering place for Great Egrets (and some Great Blue Herons).  There were at least 75 of them on the far side of the lake.

Egrets and more egrets and more.Collapse )

Next time:  Barview Jetty
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07 October 2018 @ 09:15 pm
Tonight's installment of the last beach trip is the Tillamook Bay side of Bayocean Spit.

But first, a recap of the weekend. It's really beginning to feel like fall with some rain on Friday so I had the first fire of the season that night.  It was sunny on Saturday.  I couldn't listen to the news (that may take quite some time), but I was quite productive on various little tasks around the house and yard. A ninth gopher was apprehended and an earlier corpse was exhumed by the Zelda and Doc team so that had to be taken care of, too. The heat pump guy came and replaced a thermistor that had gone bad so I had no heat pump heat overnight (but emergency heat worked fine). It's still under warranty so no charge (hooray!). I cleaned up in my office, and framed and hung up National Park posters.   It was grey with mist today.  The girls got some grooming today and Doc actually allowed me to trim her head and ears; I'm not pushing my luck on her feet yet. Laundry is done and the house is relatively straightened and vacuumed. It will be a busy week at work but I'm all rested up and ready to go. Stats 102 this week!

According to eBird, the bayside of the spit was a good birding spot. After I got the girls all settled in the van, I took the big lens and walked north along the spit. I spotted some Brown Pelicans out in the bay.  I think this one is a juvenile since its head is still dark.  Pelicans seem exotic to me since I don't see them very often.  So I took many photos.

Big birds from far away.Collapse )

There weren't many birds up close even by the edge of the water, so I headed back to the van since I had mapped out several places to stop and look for birds on the drive home.  I saw many Great Egrets winging their way somewhere.  Along the way, I took a few obligatory photos of gulls.  I think these are Ring-billed Gulls.  It was windy.

Next time: Cape Meares Lake (it's where the Egrets were going)
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05 October 2018 @ 07:30 pm
Despite the fact that October in Statistics Month at work and I had a great Stats 101 class today, the Supreme Court vote has gotten me really down.  The fact that the Republican Senators can vote (with glee and malice toward women and other groups) for a biased liar in pursuit of their own power is unfathomable.  The whole situation makes me so sad; so many people will potentially lose rights and freedoms.  The man lied in his testimony before Congress on so many topics and the Republicans praise him fighting back.  I am still so proud of Dr. Blasey Ford -- it is too bad that her great sacrifice and pain was for naught.  I had listened to most of her testimony on the way to the beach that day.  Sigh.  Heavy sigh.  Very heavy sigh.

To make myself feel a bit better, on with the photos!

Last Beach photos for now.Collapse )

The beach photos of the Gordon Girls helped me a bit.  And now: the first fire for the season since it is cool and rainy tonight.
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03 October 2018 @ 09:15 pm
And they're off again!  Three dog collision.


Like the waves, the photos keep coming.Collapse )
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01 October 2018 @ 08:00 pm
Zelda has the best smile on the whole Oregon Coast.

Friday understands the importance of being earnest.

And the young Doctor is a goof.  (Almost 9 months old)

More headshots under here,Collapse )

Still more to come.
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30 September 2018 @ 05:30 pm
I primarily like editing beach photos because the dogs all have such big smiles.  I love seeing all of the shadows and reflections that get captured, too.  Sometimes I feel a bit sad when I  crop out shadows and reflections, but I like my subjects to pop.


Another tidal wave of beach photos.Collapse )

More to come, of course.
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29 September 2018 @ 09:00 pm
Thursday had the perfect weather for the beach.  Sunny and mid-70s on the beach itself.  I listened to much of the Supreme Court hearings that day while I was driving.  The pairing of the serenity of the beach and the turmoil in Washington was surreal.  And sad.


Beach photos are fun to edit.Collapse )

More to come.
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27 September 2018 @ 08:30 pm
It was a lovely, lovely day at the beach!

It's so nice to have miles of beach to ourselves.  I'm so glad we went.
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25 September 2018 @ 09:00 pm
Since it's just after the equinox, we're losing light both morning and evening so quickly (darn those large second derivatives).  I barely got the traps checked, flowers watered, lawn mowed and trash taken down to the road before it was dark last night.  Now that I look at it, I got a lot done but I will still trying to beat darkness and that stood out to me.  We're up to eight gophers now (7 for me, 1 for Doc).

Tonight's installment of the Glacier Road Trip videos is Day 3 -  Post Falls, ID to Columbia Falls, MT, just outside of Glacier National Park.

I'll save my backseat photos of Glacier for my main trip photo editing projects, so the next installment of Road photos will start the drive home.  With earlier darkness, there is more photo editing time.

In fun plans, I'm taking Thursday off and the girls and I are heading for the beach.  It's supposed to be sunny and 75 out there.  It's a weekday and the kids are back in school so we should have the beach all to ourselves again.  I will also look for birds on the bay side of the spit with the big lens since I've never explored that side.  This will probably our last "for sure" great weather trip to the beach for this fall.  We can still go on other days (we're not afraid of rain or fog), but we're going while the going is gorgeous.  (This was the week that we camped at the beach last year.  Maybe there will be whales again!)

So next up: new beach photos! Woot!!
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23 September 2018 @ 11:30 am
On my way home from Killin yesterday, I drove past a wetland on the north side of Forest Grove.  I knew that there was one up there (based on eBird maps) and this was it.  There wasn't very good access to most areas, but it did have a wide variety of ducks.  And this nutria.  Based on my research, the white on the face (and orange teeth) are characteristics of nutrias.

Ducks galore!Collapse )


Wood Ducks and Cinnamon Teals, all in rows.

Going outside to do fall chores now!
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22 September 2018 @ 09:30 pm
Today is the autumnal equinox and the grand opening of a new park at Killin Wetlands.  I had visited some small ponds about a half mile west of the parking lot last year and I was interested in getting down closer to the main area of wetlands at the bottom of the hill.   I had found the Trails Site Plan on the web, but unfortunately only a small portion of the trails had been finished.  So it was a short walk with no blinds or boardwalks.  But it was a nice day, nonetheless, and I missed the raindrops.

An American Bittern: My First!Collapse )

I stopped by a small wetland on the highway back into town.  Those photos soon.
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