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25 August 2016 @ 09:45 pm
We have now been in the house for a week.  Some things are put away; many are not.  I am going through long-packed boxes and I have a large pile of things and work suits to go to charity (I'm hoping I can find a place that helps women to donate the suits; maybe some tall woman needs a suit for a job interview).  It will take a long time to get everything in its place but that is okay because we are here.

Happily, last night I found two (2) brand new pairs of my favorite hiking boots that I had purchased several years ago but couldn't find when I needed boots last year.  The boots were no longer available so I bought new boots that fit well but were sadly not waterproof and looked pretty bad pretty quickly.  But now I can go back to my favorites!   Twice!

The girls and I went out to our field for another romp tonight.  Friday insisted on bringing a tennis ball so we all had a good time.  The yard in Modesto wasn't wide enough to get action shots.

We lost the tennis ball, perhaps it went down a gopher hole.  None of us could find it.  Oh well.
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21 August 2016 @ 09:15 pm
I'll have plenty of time to unpack.  In the meantime, I decided to seize the sunset.

My giant maple tree helped.  So did the ultra wide lens.  Aaaaahhhhhh........
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21 August 2016 @ 10:00 am
The big truck (and a smaller one) arrived on Thursday morning, along with five moving guys and JH and Knife.  Let's move!

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It has only been a few days, but this feels so good.
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17 August 2016 @ 06:30 pm
The moving van comes tomorrow!  It is the last step of my move.  I noticed today that I had sent my resume and cover letter to Genentech on 2/29/16.  Now, a little less than 6 months later, I am living my dream: back in Oregon, new job with great potential, new perfect house with a view to boot!  Hoorah!!

I spent the day at the empty house, waiting for various appointments and enjoying the extreme quietness and the view.

The first contractor stood me up at 9 am, but I met the neighbor along the back.  The seller had mentioned that the neighbor to the east (Kent) might be willing to split the cost of a fence along a portion of the back.  I was wandering in my big field and Kent introduced himself and immediately brought up the fence.  He can put it up, too.  I saw a fence he had built between his property and one of his neighbors and it is fine.  I think he and I will split 100 feet of fence (I buy materials and he installs) and then I will pay him full price for another 100 feet.  That works out to about 40% of the cost of the other estimate I got today from the expensive fence folks.

Kent and I also talked about my arena area and he has access to a nursery tiller and he will be able and willing to rototill my arena area in the fall and I can put grass seed down.  He used to do similar work for the Little League fields when his kids were young.  (I also figured out that I have an irrigation well so I can keep my agility field green all summer if I want to do so.)  Woot!  Plus he can help me stretch field fence around the arena (it has electric horse fence right now).

I also met some of the nursery folks, including the manager, when they drove by.  (I was just sitting outside and enjoying my view while waiting for my various appointments to come.)  I told them I will stop at the office soon to exchange some phone numbers.  They seemed very nice and welcoming.

I also met my neighbor to the south (by the road) when he came buy looking for his cat.  Joe said that there were coyotes in the area and I would definitely hear them at night.  He said there were sometimes eagles, too.

The internet guy from Frontier really liked the house and was working hard to get my phone lines working again.  Maybe tomorrow on that.

And the last appointment was Brian the carpet cleaner who I found yesterday to clean the carpet in the shop office (which will be my dog room).  He got rid of most of the stains which I found the day before.

Tomorrow morning the truck (and JH) will come.  I had originally planned on spending tomorrow night at the apartment, but it is supposed to be 100 degrees tomorrow so I will bring the girls to (air conditioned) house after the movers finish. I'm sure we'll all sleep well!
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14 August 2016 @ 06:30 pm
Today is another hot day so the dogs and I are staying cool and hanging out in a dark apartment.  I am working on yesterday's photos with their cooling effect.  With all of the fog, the best pictures are the face shots.  More than about fifteen feet away and things faded to gray.  It was a lovely bunch of faces with great big smiles so no problem at all.

It's my blog, so I start with Zelda, but all the dogs are well represented.

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The end for this trip.
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13 August 2016 @ 09:15 pm
It was another warm day in town, forecast to hit 94 degrees (and it did).  But ozdobe and I decided to beat the heat at the beach.  I picked her and the Kelpies up this morning in the Beach-Party van and we headed west toward Rockaway with four dogs.  Without prior notice, we popped in on multisylldogs (who conveniently lives right across the road from the beach access) and grabbed her and two more dogs and hit the beach.

This is my only photo with parts of all six dogs.  They did great together although none of the pairs had never met before (I think) and they weren't in the same place for more than a nanosecond.  I love the fact that dogs have so much fun at the beach.

(L to R:  Seeger, Zelda, Roper, Callan, Friday, Jill)

I did get two people in the same shot:

Although it wasn't a good day for beach action photos, it is always a good day for the beach.  It was a good day for a crab melt in town for lunch.  And then it was a good day for a second beach run for the Gordon Girls and the Kelpies and a posed photo.

The clouds and fog rolling through were cool and sort of blotchy.
We had a wonderful time and saved 24 degrees since the high was only 70 in Rockaway today.

I'll check the rest of the photos tomorrow, perhaps.
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11 August 2016 @ 09:30 pm
We saw the stoned pug again this morning, atop a stump.

I've talked to a lady with a little dog a couple of times now.  A couple of days ago I told her I had seen a pug.  She told me that it lives in woods and moves around a lot.  She said that a man had a pug who he used to walk through the wetland every day.  When his dog died, the man bought this statue who could continue to enjoy the woods.  That is such a sweet thing and it makes me smile.  I wish I had seen the pug earlier in our stay here, since I am now enjoying keeping an eye for him.

We're down to a week left in the apartment.  The deed recorded yesterday so I am officially an Oregon homeowner again.  The movers come in a week.  I can hardly wait.
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09 August 2016 @ 02:15 pm
I made to closing on time this morning, gave the title company a very large check, signed many, many papers and I am almost a home owner again.  The official closing is tomorrow and then the sellers will be out by Sunday evening.  Then it will officially be mine!  The movers are scheduled for next Thursday and I will be reunited with my stuff and we'll have room to romp.  Yahoo!!

Here are a few photos because I can't restrain myself any longer.  But just the outside for now.

2 flat acres

View to the west is over a commercial nursery and the foothills of the Coast Range.  Should be lovely sunsets.

My agility arena (and barn).

The on-time status almost did not happen.  I stopped at the bank to get the big check and when I went out to the truck, it did not start. (It had tried to not start once before a couple of weeks ago, but did start and then it checked out "ok" at the repair place.  It was almost funny that it decided to not start the one time I had an important appointment to attend.)   I was 1.5 miles away with only 20 minutes to get there.  I texted my real estate agent but she did not respond.  There was a woman getting into a truck in the parking lot so I asked her if she could give me a lift.  Luckily, neither of us looked scary so she agreed.  I thanked "Gail" many times and got to the closing with a minute to spare.

After closing, my agent took me back to my truck, I called AAA and bought lunch at a Noodle place next door.  By the time I got back to the truck with my lunch, the AAA man had arrived.  The battery was fine (again) so he gave the starter a few whacks with the official AAA hammer and the truck started.  I drove it to the repair place and am now back at the little apartment.  Adventures in home buying!
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07 August 2016 @ 04:00 pm
Yesterday was a pretty day, just made to go do something.  I couldn't go to the beach since I was meeting with the sellers later to learn the secrets of the new house. I had been looking at the map and noticed that Cornell Road runs right into the Pearl District in Portland, so I decided to head downtown. I haven't done any research and didn't have concrete destinations to warrant bringing the good camera so I just took the point 'n shoot as I wandered about the city for awhile.

I haven't lived in Portland since 1992 so lots of things have changed, of course. But this time, I had my Google maps on my phone to help me get around.  I most certainly did not recognize much of the area.  The Pearl District was new to me and looked fun but I knew I didn't know enough to know what to look for, so I continued on.  I drove by the "Brewery Blocks" and once again it was all new to me.  So I decided to go to Powell's to get some books to help me plan future trips.  I like to have some idea of what to see so I don't miss things.

I parked a few blocks up on Burnside and only put an hour's worth of time on the meter to limit the damage I could do in Powells.  It is a dangerous place for a credit card.  There wasn't a Jaguar dealer in Modesto.

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06 August 2016 @ 10:00 pm
The weather has been perfect for walking lately.

On our big loop up the hill, one of the houses has fresh water out for dogs.  The girls were glad to partake.

This morning, suddenly a pug appeared where no pug had been before, along the path through the wetland.  Since this is Oregon, it was suitably stoned.  The girls were suspicious but they went forth to investigate.

It was still there this evening.

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05 August 2016 @ 09:00 pm
The Gordon Girls and I have been "back to" agility for three weeks now.  We're in Monday night classes and we already knew all of the other people!  Nice people, to boot. We are having fun and both girls are doing well (even though Zelda was VERY stiff after our long beach adventure a couple of weekends ago).

I realized yesterday that I never got back to Stephen Shoff, who I accosted at last year's TRACS trial to take photos of the girls when he was really just there to see a friend of his. He was at TRACS again at the end of May of this year, and he was nice enough to take more photos. So yesterday I found his email and checked out the photos and bought several.  This was our last California agility trial.



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31 July 2016 @ 04:30 pm
Last weekend's beach trip was less well planned than my usual trips.  I did some research to pick the beach which would be good for our triumphant return to the beach.  We had a wonderful time.  When we got back to the van, I just sat there for about 30 minutes with a big smile on my face since this marked the culmination of the journey home. Then I started thinking about what else we should do since it was only 1:30 pm on a lovely Sunday at the beach.  Then I started regretting the poor photographic equipment decisions I had made by being so focused on documenting wet, sandy dogs.  I just didn't think beyond that.

So we headed off to the Three Capes Scenic Loop (which is not a loop right now but I digress).

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30 July 2016 @ 02:15 pm
My main objective for the beach trip last weekend was a fairly empty beach for me and the girls to enjoy to mark our return to Oregon.  I hadn't been to the northern beaches in many years and was a bit worried about being on a "crowded" beach due to proximity to Portland.  Therefore I decided to go to the Bayocean Peninsula, near Tillamook.  It would require about a quarter mile walk through the dune grass to the beach which I figured would deter some beachgoers.

I used to explore the Three Capes Scenic Loop back in the early '90s when I lived in Portland and I recognized some of the scenery along the way.  Tillamook Bay sits between the peninsula and the mainland.

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And that's the end of the photos from Bayocean Peninsula.  A successful beach for avoiding the crowds.  And a great beach to get our beach fix.
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28 July 2016 @ 09:45 pm
I need more Zelda beach photos on this blog to be fair and balanced. We've been listening to two weeks of political conventions and I'm glad they are over.  Only 102 days left.

Sorry for so many beach photos, but it has been over three years since we've been to the beach.  There was much pent up joy for all of us.

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The ends (for tonight)
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26 July 2016 @ 09:45 pm
Although I love the imp with all my heart, I thoroughly enjoyed capturing a wave sneak up on Friday when she was on a mission to retrieve the bumper.

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Oh, this amuses me so.
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